Wednesday, March 01, 2006


HEY everybody, May I introduce myself... I am Cindy and am Eurasia. My mum is from Belgium and my dad is from Hongkong. I myself have chosen to live in Hongkong for the moment. I am married and have 2 kids. I love my sisters and their cute lovely babygirls... I am proud that Ashley my godchild is. She is almost 5 now.. and she is very pretty.. She good be the next Miss World... Anyway, I love travelling, that's why I am a flight attendant. I see and meet more than thousand people a day.. and I can asure you that every day is a new big challenge for me. I am also a Cabin Crew Instructor. Guiding the trainees to the right way is a big challenge for me too. I know I am very lucky to what I already have achieved in my life so far. I can not complain. So friends, enjoy my website... love Cinne

Aaaahaaaa.... Isn't this a cute photograph taken in Hongkong Disneyland?... Everybody was in the mood even when it was very very cold and windy and oeps.. rainy but we made the best out of it.. haaaaa... Here is the famous Marie....

This is a nice picture of my dad and his grandson... Looking a bit like a blue mushroom he doesn't realy look happy, isn't? As for the older guy, he thinks he holds a pumpkin.. ha ha ha

Friday, February 24, 2006

The little angel

Hela baaaa.... Heeeey... Ik kan vliegen... Yep.. She is the one.. She is going to be the pilot of the year... She is sooo cute.. Don't you think so? She is almost 1 years old now and she likes to dance. She is my little sisters first baby girl... Cute haaa

This is my little son, Jay jay... He is 20 months old now and he loves to run around. He is handsome.. don't you think? He looks like daddy...

Here is a picture of my little girl .. Chiffany and her one of her Godmothers Purdey... See how happy they are waving to mum.. taking a picture again..

This was taken in Yuen Long.. A place to be...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

What do you mean with a dream family? I know a lot of people will start to think... but I can tell... It's a very difficult world where we live in... you have to survive, no matter what kind of struggles you will come across in your lifetime.. Life is short, so don't worry too much.. Nothing and nobody is perfect. I have encountered and come across a lot of challenges.. Let me introduce myself.. I have a lovely mother and a wild father. I have 2 lovely sisters and a brother. They all live abroad whereas I , myself have chosen to live in Hongkong. Just too far away from where I wanted to live. I am a married woman with a very lovely daughter and a very handsome son... Whenever I am off to work I miss them sooo much... I shrimp whenever they are hurt or being hurt. I laugh whenever I think about them. I miss whenever I am abroad. I cry whenever they are, but the most important think is that I also know I am proud to say that I am their mother... Enjoy my pictures!!!!